Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 2010 Edition

New Firsts at the Manor

Several wonderful things have been happening at the manor as our ace reporters have discovered. It seems the manor grandchildren are nearly as talented as the monarch and the matron. We hope you enjoy the following reports from two of our top reporters.

Bailee Surprises All

Young Miss Bailee Morrison, granddaughter of the monarch and matron of the manor, proved her genetic connection to the matron today as she began and completed her first sewing machine project. A very proud Miss Bailee is seen here working on and sewing her very first pillow case. Experts reviewing these photographs have been amazed at her abilities.

Miss Bailee practices her technique before beginning her first real project.

Below Miss Bailee is seen beginning her project, pinning the seam she is preparing to sew. Notice the intense concentration which characterizes the young lady.

Youngest Manor Grandchild Impresses All Readers

5-year-old Morgan amazed her older sister as she read her first book without any help. "I have been very impressed with Morgan's attitude and discipline," commented someone who might have been in the schoolroom that day. Said book told the story of Bob and how someone sat on his head.

Young Mrs. Morrison Not So Young Any More
Inside sources have confirmed that we can no longer refer to the oldest manor child as young Mrs. Morrison. She is now officially just Mrs. Morrison, having passed yet another birthday. Celebrations included a delicious dinner prepared by the matron, along with a chocolate cheesecake that brought 5-star reviews from anyone who knew how to review. No-longer-young Mrs. Morrison received help from her daughters to finally achieve blowing out all the candles, possibly just before those candles set the house on fire.

Monarch's Sister Visits the Manor
Unable to stay away any longer, the monarch's sister and her husband stopped by to visit both the monarch and his wonderful wife. Unable to stand being around such greatness, they left after only two nights in the manor.

The monarch's younger sister tries to smile, knowing that the youngest manor child will steal all the attention from this photograph. Sources tell us that this smile is the largest one seen on the sister's face in several years. Her happiness was total as she experienced being in the presence of the manor family.

Random Shot
No-longer-young Mrs. Morrison smiles as she collapses at the dinner table while her husband tries to look unconcerned but ends up looking like he has a stomach ache.
Amazing Amanda Spotted Near Sacramento

Terrific Trudy Continues to Text

As always, our reporters have been scouring the country to find any and all news available about the amazing Crutchfield family and the activities at the manor. This issue is dedicated to the amazing matron of the manor who truly is an inspiration to all who admire her. One of our loyal readers submitted this poem in her honor:

The matron of the manor,
To whom can she compare?
There is none like her
and none can her clothes wear.

Her sweet, charming smile,
Her outstanding wit,
No, none can compare,
There is no fit.

Forever will she live
In my mind and heart
If ever some catastrophe
Should make her depart.

As always, our readers comments are welcome. Please send all pictures or news items to the Chronicle Staff.

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Audrey said...

Thanks for teaching my kids how to sew and read. You are such a wonderful Grandma, and they absolutely love you. Or as Morgy would say, "Grandma, I love you! I love you! I love you!!!"